SPCA Glen Innes

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Address: 217 Taniwha Street, Glen Innes

  • Range of Stock: Ranging from good quality labels to a clothing table for filling a bag of clothes at a set price.
  • Customer Service: The staff are really pleasant and friendly to customers they have a great team of staff and volunteers. They represent the SPCA brand extremely well.
  • Display: The effort made to display items in this store is really good, the team are always tidying and moving things around. They obviously take great pride in making the shop look presentable. Displays are often colour blocked and even though clothes aren’t individually priced there is clear signage for pricing around the store. It’s a pleasure to walk around this store.
  • Stock Quality: The stock is well sorted and clean.
  • Price: Pricing for the most part is reasonable

The team at the SPCA Glen Innes spend a lot of time making sure their shop is displayed well, they’re always busy doing something. Stock is clean and tidy and pricing is very reasonable. The counter staff are always bubbly and friendly and are a pleasure to deal with, you should enjoy spending time here.
Sometimes this store has individual tags on some label clothing and the pricing often seems a little high on these items even for designer labels. I tend to ignore this stock. Plenty of bargains to find here regardless.


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