OpShop Etiquette – is it a thing?

Is there really such a thing as Kiwi OpShop etiquette? Seriously? …well hell yes!

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re scouring an opshop or donating to an OpShop.


  • Be aware and considerate of the other people shopping. I know sometimes it might be a quick frenzied search for an absolute bargain but thats no reason to forget your manners. If someone is already flicking through a clothes rack and there are other racks to choose from, start at another rack and wait your turn. Please don’t push, shove or reach over someone there really is no need. I’ve seen arguments break out in opshops, at times its really not for the faint hearted.
  • If you see something you like pick it up and keep it in your little hot hand.  Don’t leave it there and hope to buy it in say 10 mins it probably won’t be there anymore.  Opshop buyers remorse is a real thing.
  • Honour the price tag. It pains me to mention this but most opshops fund charities, its never ok to switch prices on the items in an opshop in fact It’s theft. Sadly this is more common place than most would imagine.
  • Likewise its not ok to put layers of clothing on in the changing rooms and walk them out the door nor is it ok to swap your shoes for another pair and walk them out the door, its just not ok at all.
  • Without donations some charities couldn’t continue the fantastic work that they do but please try and donate items in good condition, its increasingly more expensive to dump items that aren’t saleable. There are also health & safety regulations to consider, so please try and make sure all donations are clean & tidy, working and able to be resold. If you’re not sure ask the opshop what their policy is.
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