Generational OpShopping in New Zealand

Generational OpShopping – It’s just in our blood

Scouring OpShops is in my blood, my mother did it and my grandmother did it. Several generations of my family just loved to opshop.

Strangely though my own daughter prefers brand new designer gear. I can’t help wonder if its because I dragged her around OpShops as a child just one time too many. Clearly though I am the last in this generation to carry the torch of OpShopping addiction or maybe its just a generational skip.

As a single mother raising a child on a tight income opshopping was a life saver.  I took great pride in finding the absolute best designer gear at bargain prices. It becomes such an addiction though that even when I was earning a reasonable income I still preferred to find the ultimate bargain by rummaging through my local opshop. I just love it and often prefer it. These days too there’s something to be said for reusing, recycling and thinking about sustainability.

The manifestor

Lets face it though there’s a certain amount of skill required in order to find treasure, its almost as if some of the best is hidden in the very last place anyone would think to look. Which is partly why I started this opshopping guide, sharing is caring.

My own family nicknamed me ‘ the manifestor’ many years ago, they’d mention they needed something and et voila sometime in the near future I’d find exactly what they wanted. It might have had something to do with the fact I regularly scour opshops and its more of an obsession than a past time but anyway they got what they wanted so lets not split hairs.

I’ll add more to this later, right now I have an opshop to get to before it shuts.

Please feel free to add comments of your own opshopping experiences down below in the comments section.  How many generations of opshoppers are in your own family?

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