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Sharing Stands

You might have seen Good Sorts recently, they talked about a facebook group called Community Fruit & Vege. Mark Dennis is encouraging people to set up Community stands around NZ. The idea is to share what you have in excess and take what you need, with a focus on lessening food waste.

I thought that was a awesome idea, so I’ve set up a stand for our Remuera community at 44 Lillington Road. This one is the temporary version until the more robust and permanent version is built soon. You can see the stand from the street, just pop through the gate and follow the short path.
The idea is that anyone is welcome to take fruit, veges, herbs, preserves anything excess that is left on our stand free of charge. Also if you have too much of something you’re welcome to leave it at our stand to share with other people in the community.
This is a great way of supporting the community with a focus on less food waste as well. I really hope Remuera and surrounding suburbs get behind this concept as its really taking off around the rest of the country.
We also have a facebook page called Remuera Sharing Stand if you ‘like’ the page you’ll get daily updates with photos of whats available on the stand.

Instagram: remuerasharing


If you’re elsewhere in NZ please check out the Community Fruit & Vege Stand facebook group to find other Community stands in your area (there is a map at the top) …or consider setting one up.


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