About Us

I’m an OpShop Addict and I recently got together with a bunch of other OpShop Addict friends and we decided to share some of our experiences of OpShops around the Auckland area. We’ve started an OpShop directory and we’re attempting to review at least one OpShop per week. I spend a lot of time driving around Auckland checking out as many OpShops as I can, I love OpShopping and luckily its also how I make a living. We’d love you to join us too so make sure you add a review and comments to the OpShops you love to visit. 

At the moment we’re just focusing on the Auckland area but eventually hope to go nationwide. Feel free to add your listing to the Auckland OpShop directory. 

Or you might like to live vicariously through our OpShop adventures and learn a few tricks of the trade, from time to time we’ll be adding blogs with tips and tricks on opshopping. 

As far as sustainability goes its just good common sense to reuse, revamp and utilise preloved stuff. The more people who do it the better…so spread the word. Please like us on facebook and instagram.


About Discount Addicts


You’re also invited to join our facebook group Discount Addicts

A group that likes to find the very best specials around NZ and share them with other members. Discounts at the supermarket, store anything that you think is an awesome bargain. Just take a photo and share it with the other members add the price and location – easy as. Its a great way to make your dollar stretch further in order to make ends meet. 


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